The Secret to Your Child's Success

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season again---at least at the mall. Yes, it is that time of year where once again you get to fight for a parking spot at the mall (and Target) in your quest to purchase all the back-to-school items on your child(ren)'s list(s). By the way, do you notice that the lists seem to get longer and more expensive every year? And when did designer jeans and name-brand sneakers graduate to being important school supplies? But I digress.

It is really easy to get caught up in the idea that your role in your child's success is limited to making sure he/she has all the necessary materials and supplies. Those things are definitely important. However, it is also important to realize that you play an active role in your child's success throughout the entire school year. You have to continue to maintain high and manageable expectations for your child and hold them accountable. This involves making sure you are proactive in getting to know his/her teachers, keeping up with his/her grades, and knowing how he/she is doing in school on a weekly basis. Never take for granted that your child is keeping up with his/her grades, doing his/her assignments, and adequately preparing for his/her quizzes and tests. I encourage you to be proactive so that problems can be addressed and corrected in a timely manner and before they get out of control. When we work to ensure that parents, teachers, and students are all on the same page, success is not only highly probable---it is inevitable!


Mr. Buddoo

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