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“Horace was amazing to work with. He helped me to craft my talk and gave me some really helpful tips about my content and delivery. I received so much insight about what a good talk should look and sound like.”​

—  Daniel Puder, Undefeated MMA Fighter, CEO of MyLifeMyPower

I have had the pleasure of coaching numerous speakers to deliver their best talks.  Whether I am needed to help speakers come up with great talk ideas, to edit their talk or to help improve their presentation skills, every speaker can benefit from coaching.  If you have a goal to deliver a talk any time in the near future, I will walk you through the process from start to finish and help you to deliver a talk that you can be proud of.  

Even if you don't have immediate goals to give a talk, you will still benefit from coaching.  If you would like to have a more  authentic, conversational, and engaging presence every time you speak, I encourage you explore  speaker coaching today!


So What Can Individual Speaker Coaching Do For You?


Speakers usually want the ability to express their thoughts — confidently, clearly, and concisely.

For some, this means speaking with less fear.

For others, it means speaking with more focus.

So yes, individual speaker coaching will show you how to craft a speech, sales pitch, or wedding toast that you can deliver with pride. You will learn how to speak up in meetings (or run them!), hold difficult conversations, make small talk, and more.

But no matter your specific goals, what speaker coaching will primarily show you is how to acquire new skills,  practice to perfect them, and increase the chance that you’ll be heard and respected whenever you speak, and whatever you speak about!

Speak powerfully and persuasively in meetings, presentations, pitches, interviews, and more. Coaching is tailored to each person's learning style, time frame, and budget

Does Your Organization Have Great Public Speakers?


Great public speaking doesn’t just matter for individuals — it matters for organizations, too.

Without it,

  • Talented people can’t reach their full potential,

  • Opportunities are left on the table, and

  • Your organization will have a harder time succeeding.

Group Workshops provide the training your high potential employees or team members need to advance themselves and your organization’s goals.

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