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Horace Buddoo
Education Leader &
STEM Educator
After 17 years of teaching and educational leadership, I am starting my own microschool with SchoolHouse. 

In these times of educational uncertainty, your child deserves to have personalized education that supports his/her interests and meets his/her scholastic needs within a safe and nurturing environment. 


The learning experience should be more than just a Zoom meeting. It should be a string of experiences that spark curiosity, joy, and love for learning!

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What is a microschool?

The microschool is the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse, with small class sizes of 4-8 students and mixed-age level groupings. Microschools allow parents to choose the best education for their child's needs and creates a small teacher-to-student ratio so that each student gets individualized attention from the teacher.

Kids Running

Advantages of microschooling

World Class Teacher

Kids with Backpacks



Girl with Backpack

Convenient Locations

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Full School Replacement


An in-person program 5 days a week for 5 hours a day. 

Small classes to promote social distancing and follow CDC regulations.

Customized school schedule.

Project-based learning.

Social-emotional learning and character development.

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Why choose to microschool with me?

I have taught at the top schools in Broward and Dade Counties.

I have years of experience in writing curriculum on a state and national level.

I went to Finland to study their world renown education system.

I am a Florida certified educator.

I have been awarded with the "master teacher" designation.

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I am a Legacy magazine "40 under 40" awardee for leadership in education.

I have been featured by media outlets such as NPR and NBC for my work in education.

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Tel: 530-628-3366

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