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Communication Coach

Horace is a communication coach, speaker and educator.


He specializes in teaching clients the skills of successful public speaking and the skills necessary to have open and honest conversations.   These are important and effective tools for those who seek to advance their careers and effectively communicate ideas in a way that will enhance professional and personal relationships.  

He has coached CEOs, TV personalities, and numerous professionals who seek to improve the communication skills necessary for life success.  He has also led master classes on public speaking and effective conversations and is the co-author of an Amazon bestselling book entitled: "Speak Up: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating the Speaking Industry.

Horace has been the organizer and curator of two successful TEDx events. He has coached scores of TEDx speakers and helped them to craft and deliver extraordinary TEDx Talks. 


Horace has coached up-and-coming spoken word artists, helping them to find their unique voice and style.  He was the principal coach for the West Broward High Spoken Word Organization through the Jason Taylor Foundation which organizes spoken word events and competitions in collaboration with the BluApple Poetry Organization.


Horace’s coaching approach is grounded in Sociology and Anthropology, of which he has two degrees respectively.  His methods are based on well-researched ideas, but he finds a way to make it very practical so that the lessons can be easily adapted and applied to daily interactions and communication.  Because Horace believes that the ability to communicate will determine the quality of personal or professional relationships, he is passionate about equipping people with the communication skills necessary to improve their lives.  

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